A person of many names: owner, founder, executive assistant, writer, paralegal, and traveler – Danielle Kaplan is all that and so much more! In 2019, having just left her role as a patent and trademark paralegal she hit the books (again) to determine what really mattered most. She set out to work with local startups in Dallas, wanting to get a small taste of a big world. The difficulties surfaced when her interests in social innovation, technology, legal, finance, the arts and so on all forced her to choose one path or another. But Danielle found that Dallas is a great place to make moves and she decided to pursue life in a way that has made her successful in a field that demands so much versatility. Surrounded by possibilities, Danielle began working as a fractional assistant for a variety of clients, in all sectors. She picked up the administrative pieces of the companies she worked with, turned them on their head, and found a path that led her all the way to Mood Virtual Contractors.

Danielle’s background helped her visualize the different areas of operating a business and found that they all hinged on a strong administrative foundation. What others called “loose ends,” she saw as opportunity and that turned into what is now a company that focuses on building relationships, implementing good ideas, and returning results.