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If you’re an entrepreneur, then you know how difficult it can be to manage everything that goes into running a business – from the daily scheduling to the bookkeeping, project coordination, and other administrative tasks. This can leave you short on time and energy dedicated to the parts of your business you’re most passionate about. Well, that’s where Mood Virtual Assistants comes in. We’re a team of full-service virtual assistants who take care of the back end of things so you can focus on the purpose and mission of your company. Get to know Mood, our story, and why we stand out among the rest in our industry below.


Our Story

Mood founder Danielle Kaplan’s journey to where she is today had many unexpected twists and turns. However, throughout her early career path she learned one thing. She realized that she loved helping start-ups and small businesses turn their company around by tightening up their neglected administrative foundations. Eventually, she decided to turn these invaluable skills into a business of her own. That’s when Mood Virtual Contactors was born. 


“My hope for every position was to simply see these small companies grow, for the right voices to be heard, and to find my own success through helping others,” says Kaplan. “All of those goals depended on having a mindful, innovative, and empowered mood – thus, Mood Virtual Contractors was brought to life.” Kaplan believes that having a great Mood and a passion for what you do will undoubtedly deliver the best results. Now, Mood is continuing to build its team of seasoned virtual assistants. As a result, Mood can empower more business owners and help their companies thrive. 


Why We’re Different

At Mood, we believe in a futuristic mindset. What exactly does that mean? First of all, we predict and project what has not already been realized within our industry. We’re a dedicated team of self-starters who are persistently looking towards the possibilities of tomorrow. Not only that, but we simply love what we do. We’re here to support you, so you have the time and attention needed to run your business the way you want. We’ll take care of the administrative side of things, and you take the lead! 


Mood employees do our best to ensure that every business leader has the tools they need to succeed with us under their wing. We conceptualize and envision new ideas about people, products, services, strategies, and business models. Not only do we empower and implement our clients, but we also model passionate attitudes and strive to always do the right by others. Mood’s core values exude innovation, implementation, and empowerment from start to finish. 


Work With Us! 

When it comes to operating a business, the last thing you probably want to do is deal with the daily administrative tasks that consume your valuable time. So let us take it off your hands! You can trust that our experience, free resources, and availability to handle a diverse workload will be on par (or beyond!) with your expectations. Mood conducts a high-level vetting process to guarantee that all of our virtual assistants are fully equipped to tackle everything you need. 

Are you ready to get started? Reap the benefits of Mood Virtual Assistants by contacting us today. We’re here to help you!



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