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3 Reasons You Need a Virtual Assistant

3 Reasons You Need a Virtual Assistant


Are you a business owner or entrepreneur? If you are, then you probably know what it feels like to be drowning in work, all while wearing a ton of different hats. You might be used to working long hours, giving up your weekends, and focusing wholeheartedly on your passion. However, this can eventually lead to burnout and deplete your enthusiasm. As much as we all like to believe we really can do it all, the truth is that sometimes we need support. And a growing business can only be so successful without the added support. This is where a virtual assistant comes in. 

A virtual assistant is someone who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance remotely from their home office. Hiring a virtual assistant can be a simple and effective solution to taking some of the day-to-day busy work off your hands. The extra assistance allows you to spend the time needed to manage important tasks for your business and less time checking administrative tasks, such as scheduling and bookkeeping, off your to-do daily to-do list. This can increase your productivity, reduce your stress and anxiety, and help grow your business. 

Don’t believe us? Below, we’re breaking down the top three reasons you need a virtual assistant.

Reduce Your Workload

Of course, the number one reason why you’d consider hiring a virtual assistant is because you’re overwhelmed with your workload. Virtual assistants are great because they can take care of those everyday tasks that are necessary for running a successful business but do not actually pertain to the heart of what the business is. This includes things like scheduling, data entry, creating content, getting quotes from suppliers, proofread manuscripts, and anything that takes time away from the core functions of your business. 

Cost-Effective Hiring 

Did you know that hiring a virtual assistant is much more affordable than hiring a full-time employee? For starters, virtual assistants work from home. This means you don’t need to supply an office space for them to work, significantly cutting the costs of a new hire. You also cut the cost of covering an employee’s medical and dental benefits, work and sick leave, paid time off,  and taxes. Additionally, most virtual assistants work on an hourly basis rather than salary, providing a more cost-effective option than a full-time local employee. This advantage helps organize and streamline your tasks without putting a massive dent in your budget. 

Leverage New Skills

Virtual assistants may be experienced in areas that you’re not as familiar with. Whether that be social media management, Excel Sheet documentation, or legal assistance, hiring someone who is skilled in business aspects outside of your current expertise can make a great addition to your team. By leveraging your virtual assistant’s unique talents, you’re benefiting your business while also letting them shine in the areas they’re best suited for. 

Overall, if you’re drowning in the everyday tasks of running your own business, then you’re missing out on what virtual assistants can offer. So, are you ready to hire a virtual assistant? Contact Mood today to get started! 



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